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How Deliverance Ministry Can Get Your Life Back On Track

There are those who think that just because their lives are the epitome of a "perfect life" that everything is fine. They're physically fit, their family is healthy, they’ve no financial troubles and therefore there's nothing wrong or missing in their lives. In reality these people feel a minor discomfort that something is off, or they experience a minor shaking of their beliefs, and they can't seem to figure out why or what is causing it.

You will love our new easy to use course of Teaching subjects and Training videos. Proven results over 25 years. Discover the true you. New liberty, health and joy. Be empowered to see yourself and others set free.

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You can Overcome

Have You Hit a Brick Wall? Fed up with yourself doing the same things? YES, there is HOPE, You can get RESULTS

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Make a Difference

You know Jesus gave us His Authority. Be trained and equipped to see results in your life and others.

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Many who have come to us for advice, counseling or deliverance have found that usually it is demonic spiritual influences that are affecting them, causing their lives to lose precious balance and fall apart. But once these people were able to pinpoint the root cause of their problems, healing and deliverance were easier to provide.

Through our ministry of deliverance, we can set you on the right path to finding the answers to these questions and set you on a lifetime journey toward a life of fulfillment.

The International School of Deliverance and Healing was established so we can reach and teach willing individuals who want to learn more about God. To learn how you can enter into an intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father. How you can experience true liberty in your life, and learn to effectively minister deliverance to others. Our goal at I.S.D.H. is to empower you with the knowledge, insight, tools and experience that we have gathered from over 25 years of ministering deliverance and healing.

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We offer online courses that expose students to a model of a Christian based Deliverance and Healing ministry that is practical, effective, and transferable. It aims to equip students with the authority of God. To bring understanding of his teachings, and provide the spiritual resources necessary to reach out to others; it will equip you to also bring others into the joy of deliverance, healing and wholeness.

Our online course is designed to allow you to work at your own pace, allowing you learn deliverance and healing ministry in a flexible and easy to grasp manner. This allows you to fit the learning around other commitments in your life, and gives you the best chance of successfully completing the course and offering deliverance ministry to others.

What Our Past Students Have Said

We would like to thank you both for the beautiful ministry that you have provided. It was such a blessing to experience the love of the Father so deeply at a time when He knows we need to rest in that love. We have been encouraged in our "waiting time", knowing the Lord is using it to grow us in Him. I know I have had such a deep joy and peace in my heart since your prayer for me- praise Him! We both want to affirm you and encourage you in your beautiful ministry to the Body of Christ.

I am writing to say Thank you for being such an awesome gift upon the Body of Christ. Your ministry is such a blessing to so many and I know you both have contributed greatly to my life. I know that "the sky’s the limit" for you both, what a wonderful adventure! Thank you for your time and I pray God’s richest blessing be over flowing your life.

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this service that you are presenting. However I praise God that you did not treat me as the enemy but as the victim. God showed you that I was oppressed and held captive in a lot of areas of my life and that I needed deliverance and healing. I am so thankful to God for using you and to help me get free through the truth of Christ Jesus our Lord. His name to be praised forever! I’m walking in liberty, grace and love and I’m physically healed. Every day is a glorious day with Jesus and all the old has passed away…..He is continuously making things (mindsets) new! Bless you for this ministry and may God continue to use you mightily, in Jesus Name.

It’s given me much more confidence; a much greater ability to hear God’s voice; the ability to sense the Holy Spirit’s presence; the faith to pray for the sick members of my family. I am now receiving visions and words about some of my family and some others; am now finding when I talk about God to non believers that they listen to me.

It has brought God’s word alive to me. This ministry has been a real life experience for me. It has enabled me to look at myself in a different way and to love myself for what I am. This is rubbing off onto my wife and family and enhancing our relationship. It has been a time of real blessing.

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